Week reception XD

So this week the lectures at university started...
Most of them are very boring. The only one I liked so far is CAD (auto-cad) but the lecture goes to slow for my taste. XD (They took 90 minutes to draw a square with a middle-line! head > desk)
Well but I had fun anyway because I saw all the people again and we hat lot of fun while not listening to the profesors. XDD

Random pic from today:

My weekend is allready sort of fully planed:
Tomorrow: Disko No.1 @ Kufa with the girls from university
Saturday: DVD-evening at Caros place (maybe party afterwards)
Sunday: Going to Neuss and shred until I can't walk anymore XDD

Playstation move

Today was a really busy day.
This morning I went to Extrablatt and had breakefast with Nina and Lukas there. (because it's Ninas birthday today)
After that I went home through the city and bought Playstation Move.^^

I just bought the bundle because I first want to try all the demos and then go buy a game tomorrow^^

So far I tested the Demos and so far my favorites are "Sports champion" and "TV superstars"
Of course I'm also looking forward to the release of "Singstar +dace" in November" <3

Tomorrow I will meet Kübra in Duesseldorf to shop and I will look which of the new games are allready avaliable...

Plans for weekend so far:
Tomorrow Magnapop with Svenja (70%)
Saturday: Kufa with all the people from Uerdingen (100%)

Random things...

Jeah this week didn't happen much till now....
Tonight Swen and Nina will come arround to watch Simpsons and Two and a half man and tomorrow I will have to go to university to sign up for the courses.

And oh, I'm so happy, we will go to the bullet for my valentine concert in december!!! *love*
Their new album is pure love!! *fangirl*
Also there will be another band as special guest: escapade the fate. They are also verry cool.

Today I took some random pics:

New hairstyle

Today I was just too bored by my hair so I decided to do something aganist that and dyed in some black strands.^^

When I went to the city to buy colour I saw the graduating class of Vera-Beckers-College having their rehearsal for tomorrow on one of the stages in the city.
I watched them for some time, they were practising without the outfits and I'm excited what they will bring to the stage tomorrow.
I really felt a bit sad that I can't participate again, it was so much fun but well we can only be graduating class one time in life I guess... XDD

In the evening I wanted to get to the cinema with Svenja but I missed the train because dyeing hair took longer than I thougt >.<

Now I will only go to KuFa later...

Tomorrow I think I will go to Duesseldorf to party there, I haven't been there for longer now.

Btw this is my new haircolour and outfit for tonight:

In this dull light the colour looks more like grey but its really BLACK ... T__T

Big, fat, cool party XD

Yesterday I went to the Jam-FM party at Koenigsburg.
We arrived there allready at 11pm when it was still empty but against 12 it was getting really crowded and from 01am on the DJs from JamFM were playing and they have been really awsome.
(They even played Sientelo and Papichulo and some classics from B2K <3 )
The music was just perfect to dance and we danced there until 5.30 and then went to eat pizza at Buelend XDDD

Btw my outfit was this:

Comming home...

Today morning I got the very spontaneous idea to go to the snowpark in Neuss.
I wanted to go there since a while but nobody wanted to go with me so today I yust decided to go allone.
And when I arrived there and entered the lift it finally felt like comming home.
Until that moment I didn't really realized how much I had missed that feeling of freedom when it's just me and the board under my feet.
It's the only thing to really get a clear head and forget about everything else.
The snow was just perfect, no icy areas this time and it was quite empty.
Sadly I could only stay for two hours but thats better than nothing. I would love to go there again next week but I'm not sure if I can because of money....

Since I was there alone I of course couldn't take pics of myself while riding so only a pic of the park:

Booring holidays >> shopping to much....

There is not much happening these days....
I still have hollydays but noone else has so mot of the time I just sit at home and wait for the time to pass by XDD

But today I went to the city with my mum and bought something I wanted to have since more than a year. I always squeezed my nose flat at the shop window but was to stingy to buy it.
But today I did it:

When you see such a box you know it has gotten too expensive XDDD
What might be in there??...

Yeah big key-charm and rebel heart ollection charm-carrier <3

I really love it so much! it makes every boring t-shirt into something special haha XDDD

Duesseldorf with my cousins

Yesterday I went to Duesseldorf with my cousins Christian and Hannah.
We did a little shopping and I took puris with hannah which was really funny.^^

This is what I bought:

There are so much really cool chlothes in the mags, I really need money! ;__;

(sadly you can see that I only had 0,5 hour of sleep that night bevor.... XDD )