Shopping in Venlo

Today I went to Venlo with my parents for shopping.^^

I wanted to buy some fur-boots but since I found non I bought a fur-bag and some legwarmers....

tonight we will probably go to Kufa. I'll post outfit-shot later...

Short meetup and package

Yesterday I went to the NRW meetup in Cologne together with Svenja.
We arrived late so we only meet the others at the Cafe and didn't stay long.
I only got one pic that looks ok:

Today I meet with Alina, Binh and Sascha in Duesseldorf again but we only walked arround and didn't buy anything. XD
This was the last time I saw Sascha before Christmans since he will return to Dresden tomorrow. T__T

When I got home from Duesseldorf my package from Ichibankao was there!^^
I oredered some bottom-lashes and the new Candy Doll lipstick.

The lashes look really great, here is a closeup:

The lipstick somewhat dissapointed me since it is not really visible on me since the colour is nearly the same as my natural lip colour.
The consistence is quite good though, it has a matte finish wich I personaly like, but well the colour is just wrong for me....

Epic puri-action and more....

Yesterday I meet Claudia, Alina, Binh and Sascha in Duesseldorf.
We meet at the mainstation and then went to OCS.
We took puris of course. 4 times! XDDD

Here are my favorite ones:

So we spent nearly the whole afternoon in OCS and of course we also took some behind the scenes - pics while waiting XD

Later we went to eat at Takumi ( I wanted to go to DOn but they were allready closed! T__T) and then we went to Krefeld and had some Beer and Ceese on sticks (yes you read right! XD) at Tanne (a bar where Ahn-Binh is working. It was very cool! XD

Bought something AGAIN..... XDD

Well short recap of the last days:
At tuesday I went to the city with my mum. We bought an awsome eyshadow-palette from Dior together^^

I really love it! <3

And I also bought some face-cream:

It's a bit mor extensive than my Chanel one, which is good for cold winter days^^

Then on tuesday-evening I got the big news:

Sascha (Rui) was returning to Krefeld!!!

I was really happy to hear that since I haven't seen him for so long now. So he arrived yesterday evening and tonight we will have dinner and coctails at Nuco together with Nancy and her boyfriend.^^
I'm really excited!

Friday evening I will go to Sebi's birthday (in fact I wasn't even invited but well... Swen turnde it into that XD), on Saturday our "Loli-gang" (XDD) will meet in Duesseldorf and Sunday we will attend a Meetup in Cologne.

Mags and food^^

Today I went to Duesseldorf after University.
I wanted to buy some mags at OCS and I just got the last Egg^^ I also bought the new ageha:

Then I went to Maruyasu to buy some jummy food for dinner. I was lucky cause they still had some yakisoba. Normally it is always allready sold out when I come there. XD

Shopping and clubbing^^

Yesterday morning I went shopping with Kübra in Duesseldorf befor university.
I bought the new Popsister issue and  leather-look-leggins:

In the evening Kübra, Ines and I went to Kufa. It was very much fun, although Kübra had to leave earlier. But Ines and I stayed until they kicked us out! XD

This was my Outfit for that night:

After some like three hours sleep I went shopping in Duesseldorf again, but this time with my mom.^^
I bought a cool knitted top and a short leather jacket at Guess:

it looks a bit weired laying flat... I will post pics of it worn later...

For tonight, we will go watch some movies at Caro's place. Maybe we will go to Yumyum party at Magnapop later but we will decide spontaneously....