Girlgroup meet XD

Yesterday I meet Marren, AhnBinh, Alina, Binh, Laura 1 and 2, Nancy and Svenja in Duesseldorf.

Marren and AhnBinh came to my place first since Marren borrowed some things from me and then we went to meet the others togehter.

Marren and me at the train

First of course we went to OCS and took a lot of puris, here are some of them:

After that we went to PizzaHut. (I was looking forward to that for a full week! XDDD )

Cheesy Cruuuuuust!!! XD

and ben&jerry's

Svenja, Alina and me

Sadly all the others had to leave early so it was only Laura and me and we went to have some Coctails at Chillout and later went to Krefeld and to Königsburg with Medji.

Btw this was my Outfit:

Diamond Lash + Jewerich lashes review

So today I picked up my Diamond lashes from the cutoums and since I had time after university I directly tested them and did a review:

First of all this was my makeup without any lashes for reference:

Diamond Lash - "Charming eye" and "Princess Eye" bottom lash

Pairs in one pack: 5

Cost: 1700 JPY (~ 15,30€)

Bought at:

The blue pack is "charming eye" and the purple is "princess eye"

Charming eye:
They are seperated in one big and two small parts

This is how they look on my eye. (Upper lash is Dolly Wink No.1)

Princess eye:
They are complete bows

This is how they look on me (also with Dolly Wink No.1 as upper lash)

Here you can see them booth in direct comparasion:

My opinion:
They both have a quite stiff spine which I personaly don't like that much since I think it is more difficult to apply and also not that comfortable to wear.
However on the charming eye ones I didn't have a problem with that since they are seperate parts so the pre-curl of the spine is not that important but with the princess eye typ I had some issues in application since they tend to flip down.
All together I like them cause the visual result looks great in my opinion and the price is quite ok if you consider that you get 5 paris whereas for example at Dolly Wink you get only 2 for the same price. (although I have to admit that Dolly Wink are my alltime favorites when it comes to wearing-comfort)

Some time ago I also bought some lasehs from jewerich so I will also write something about these:

Jewerich eyelash No. 3 (lower lash)

Pairs in one pack: 2
Cost: 1650 JPY (~ 14,86€)
Bought at:

They look beautifull in the package, don't they? XD

Sadly I didn't even had the oportunity to do some pics of me wearing them since after the first time I wore them I allready had to put them into trash...

Here you can see one still intact one on the right side in comperasion with two where I removed the glue onle one(!!!) time. They directly loose hair or bend away when you try to peel the glue off.
(This can not be a result of my technic of removing the glue since these are the only ones I ever had problems with. I have other lashes in use for half a year without loosing a single hair...)

So just please do never ever buy these cause it's really like throwing your money into the trash!!

Spend too much money.....

On monday my mom made me a very cool present:

A foxtail!!

It is really huuuuge! About 40cm long! XD
I was really happy since I wanted one for a long time but never found a pretty one...

Today I went to Duesseldorf after University since I had to buy new mags and a new mascara which I did...

While I was sitting and eating at Shadow Arcaden I got an SMS from Laura that she wanted to join me there so she did and we went on with shopping.

Somehow I always spend too much money when I'm on a shopping tour with Laura so when we entered the Guess store my attention was directly caught by their new bag-collection which had all ribbons on them so I just had to buy a new big, black bag for university and so...

I's so pretty! *___*
(and the foxtail also looks good on it! XD)

Shopping and Tickets^^

Today I went to Duesseldorf after university.
I meet Anna there and we did a little shopping and of course also had coffee at Starbucks. XD

This is what I bought:


and cool lingerie
(I think this can also go with a mini-skirt for Decadence-party XD)


When I arrived home the tickets for Girugamesh were in the post!

I'm soooooo looking forward to the concert! *___*
It is nearly sold out allready now!!