Alice in Wonderland

Today I watched Tim Burton's Alice in wonderland in 3D.

First I didn't want to spend so much money on it because here the 3D costs exactly the doubled price as normal films but since it was only shown in 3D and not in a normal Version I spend the money.
And I have to say that the Movie itself was really, really good. The pictures were verry beautiful!
The 3D effect was quite nice at some scenes but sadly there were some parts where the pictures got blurry (I also heared that one person complained about that to a staff after the movie) and I found it realy exhausting for the eyes.

Another topic:
Yesterday night I made a catch at ebay!
I got the MAC eyeshadow brush I'm after for a long while for 17€. The normal shop price would have been 27€ (thats why I didn't bought it till now)
I'm really excited of it to arrive! I'm verry curious how it will behave in praxis use...