As I allready told shortly this morning I went to a Lolita Meetup in Duesseldorf.
I meet Nancy, Claudi, Kathi, Alina, Laura and other Claudi at the Mainstation and then we first went to OCS.

I bought the new Popteen. The Cover is... ok.. I like the colour but i dont like short-haired gyarus that much...
(sorry, don't have a pic at hand...)

Of course we also took Puri. Sadly the machine we are usualy using was defect so they removed it so we had to take the other one but the backgrounds and frames and so on are far not so pretty as with the other one! T__T

Here are two of my favorite ons:
(you can see the rest on my Myspace-galery)


After that we went outside to took normal pictures.
Normaly I just like one out of 20 pics of myself because I'm nearly almost making a weired face, but the photos Nancy took with my Camera nearly all look good!!!
Yeah of course there has to be a but...
On nearly every pic my petticoat is visible T__T Well I will have to hotoshop that...

Here are two pics with no petti-alarm! XD