New Gadgets and shopping in D-Dorf... again... XD

As you may have allready seen I added some allone-standing pages to this blog which are located at the top of the page under the header.
Since this is kind of a trend to post in many forums at the moment I also added a list of my makeup products and I will add a handbag-check soon.

Today I went shopping in Duesseldorf. ( I do this quite often XD )
Here is what I boght:



I'm so in love with that Tokidoki shirt!! *__* When I saw the collection at P&C I was like "OHH - MY - GOOOD! Thank you heaven!!"
(although the colour is not right in the picture, it is more like a medium-dark turquoise...)

I originally also wanted to buy a Basecap but I didn't found a nice one...