Back from holiday (and really bored....)

Yeah I'm back from hollyday.... (Actually I'm back since Sunday night)
I wanted to wait until I get all photos until I post but now I don't want to wait longer.^^

The yourney back was really exhausting since there was an orcane arround frankfurth so it was first unclear if we could get further or have to stay in Würzburg but then the train goes on but it was a steady stop and go so we reached Duesseldorf at 11.45pm with 4 hours delay.

But the week was verry nice, the weather was verry good and we had a lot of sun. Of course I went snowbaording but not as often as I had liked to since I had problems with my shoes which made my foot hurt.
Of course I also went shopping! XDDD

We went to Samnaun which is a little town in the montains between austria and switzerland. For some strange reasons the whole town is a duty free area. So imagine it as a little town that is not much more as a couple of houses but these are all high class designer-, cosmetic- or jewelery-shops! XDD

This is what I bought there:
new makeup^^

and a pot of my usual face-cream...

Of course I also visited the Burton flagshipstore in in Innsbruck. (In fact I visited it 3 times since I couldn't decide what to buy XD )
Finally I bought this:

Laptop totebag

Pink, lightweight summer jacket
I would really have liked to stay longer (since my parents are still there too) but my money wouldn't have been enought for that. T___T

This week I want to go shopping in Duesseldorf and buy a new cool T-shirt and perhaps a basecap to wear to block-party which takes place at Saturday...