Shopping with Rui and Nancy

On thursday I went to Duesseldorf wit h Rui and Nancy.
Rui came to Krefeld for 2 Weeks just to attend my birthday party! <3

So on thursday we all meet on the Station and of course we first went to Naniwa to have some delicious Ramen and Noodles.
After that we took some funny pruicura:

(scanned by Nancy)

I also wanted to buy something to wear for the party which took place on Friday.
So we went trough the shops a long while. When I allready thought that I wouldn't find anything Nancy played the fabulous shopping-fairy for me again and leaded us to a guess - flagship store where I finally found something to trough money out for.^^

nancy and me. With big shopping-bag *har har har*
(by  the way I really like my outfit that day^^)

Rui and Nancy

 And here is what I boughtath the guess store:

On our way through the city we saw a case of excelent parking abilities which I just had to take a pic from! XDDD