Huuuuuuge post!!!

So to start at the beginning, this morning during brakefast, the dorbell rangs and the postman brought a package for me.
It was my jewelery jelly and headbow!!!! <3  <3
Of course I had to take pics of and with them:

Short after 12.00am Nancy came to my place because she wanted to borrow my melty chocolate for the meetup which took place today in Benrath. Then we went of to the meetup togehter.
I wore a mostly selfmade pirate-outfit with a new blouse which I just finished yesterday.

new blouse^^

I will post some meetup pics later when I get the photos from Binh.

On the meetup I also got a belated birthday present form marren and Charlotte:

cooking mama DS-game! Thanks again dears! <3

Of course we also took some puricura:

And last but not least I bought a ageha magazine at OCS