Some shopping and puris^^

Today I meet Rui after University and we went to the city in Krefeld.

I bought a induction-charger for DSi and Nailart Gluepen and tweezer:

Since the city of Krefeld has not that much interesting stores we were through them all verry quickly and since we had plenty much of time left we decided to go on a short trip to Duesseldorf again.
There we went to OCS and japanese food store, where we bought some daifuku, filled with icecream. They were verry delicious! <3

And of course we took puris:

When I got home I saw that my decoden-items arrived. They are verry cute <3 But now while I see them in real I fear that they might be not enough. >.<

Sadly the DSi case I wanted to glue them on didn't arrive yet....