Shooping and eating verry much....

Today I meet Rui at hte sation verry early and he came to university with me to see what I'm studying.
My Outfit was this:

And a pic of Rui in the Train:

After that we went to Duesseldorf where we meet Sandra and Jasmin, too. We walked arround the shops for a while and than had a cool drink an talk.
We also went to OCS where I bought the new Popsister:

Later Ahn Bin, Sandra and Jasmin had to go so I went for some more shopping with Rui and when my feet were hurting so much that I can't walk arround much more (I was wearing new shoes) we went to Naniwa where I had curry-ramen (aus usual XD).
On the way to the station we passed trough a cafe that had nice tartlets and macaroons in their window so we decided that there was still some space in our tummys so we just went in and had cake. XD

I had a mango iced tea, which was real tea and mago-juice and verry delicious. then I had a tartlet that was made form chocolate- and lavender-cream and had golden chrispies and a rose-flavour macaroon on it. It tasted like heaven! <3

Later I took home some macaroons as present for my mom to mothers-day.