Rui is back... so we went for shopping... XD

Yeah Rui is back in Krefeld so today we meet and went to Duesseldorf for some shopping and to eat delicious japanese food at Naniwa.^^

This was my Outfit today:

I didn't boght much just a cool Highlighter from Benefit:

I will post a review soon
(together with those of the Dolly Wink Lashes and Candy doll concealer which I still didn't manage to finish. haha XD )

Giveaway @ This was forever

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When I just came back from school my mailbox was full up to top. XD

The first thing that arrived were my Jewelery Jelly Socks:

They are so pretty <3

And I also got my Doly Wink eyelasehes and Candy Doll Lip-Concealer:

I will post a review for both when I've tested them.^^

I also got a notification that the Ipod cases I ordered for decoden arrived when I was not at home.
For some weired reasons they now delivered them to a packing station, although I didn't register for that. o.O
And of course this packing station is somewhere in the middle of nowhere so now I have to find someone with a car do go there with me. T__T

Huuuuuuge post!!!

So to start at the beginning, this morning during brakefast, the dorbell rangs and the postman brought a package for me.
It was my jewelery jelly and headbow!!!! <3  <3
Of course I had to take pics of and with them:

Short after 12.00am Nancy came to my place because she wanted to borrow my melty chocolate for the meetup which took place today in Benrath. Then we went of to the meetup togehter.
I wore a mostly selfmade pirate-outfit with a new blouse which I just finished yesterday.

new blouse^^

I will post some meetup pics later when I get the photos from Binh.

On the meetup I also got a belated birthday present form marren and Charlotte:

cooking mama DS-game! Thanks again dears! <3

Of course we also took some puricura:

And last but not least I bought a ageha magazine at OCS

Some shopping and puris^^

Today I meet Rui after University and we went to the city in Krefeld.

I bought a induction-charger for DSi and Nailart Gluepen and tweezer:

Since the city of Krefeld has not that much interesting stores we were through them all verry quickly and since we had plenty much of time left we decided to go on a short trip to Duesseldorf again.
There we went to OCS and japanese food store, where we bought some daifuku, filled with icecream. They were verry delicious! <3

And of course we took puris:

When I got home I saw that my decoden-items arrived. They are verry cute <3 But now while I see them in real I fear that they might be not enough. >.<

Sadly the DSi case I wanted to glue them on didn't arrive yet....

Shooping and eating verry much....

Today I meet Rui at hte sation verry early and he came to university with me to see what I'm studying.
My Outfit was this:

And a pic of Rui in the Train:

After that we went to Duesseldorf where we meet Sandra and Jasmin, too. We walked arround the shops for a while and than had a cool drink an talk.
We also went to OCS where I bought the new Popsister:

Later Ahn Bin, Sandra and Jasmin had to go so I went for some more shopping with Rui and when my feet were hurting so much that I can't walk arround much more (I was wearing new shoes) we went to Naniwa where I had curry-ramen (aus usual XD).
On the way to the station we passed trough a cafe that had nice tartlets and macaroons in their window so we decided that there was still some space in our tummys so we just went in and had cake. XD

I had a mango iced tea, which was real tea and mago-juice and verry delicious. then I had a tartlet that was made form chocolate- and lavender-cream and had golden chrispies and a rose-flavour macaroon on it. It tasted like heaven! <3

Later I took home some macaroons as present for my mom to mothers-day.

Shopping with Rui and Nancy

On thursday I went to Duesseldorf wit h Rui and Nancy.
Rui came to Krefeld for 2 Weeks just to attend my birthday party! <3

So on thursday we all meet on the Station and of course we first went to Naniwa to have some delicious Ramen and Noodles.
After that we took some funny pruicura:

(scanned by Nancy)

I also wanted to buy something to wear for the party which took place on Friday.
So we went trough the shops a long while. When I allready thought that I wouldn't find anything Nancy played the fabulous shopping-fairy for me again and leaded us to a guess - flagship store where I finally found something to trough money out for.^^

nancy and me. With big shopping-bag *har har har*
(by  the way I really like my outfit that day^^)

Rui and Nancy

 And here is what I boughtath the guess store:

On our way through the city we saw a case of excelent parking abilities which I just had to take a pic from! XDDD