Bulk post... again... XD

So these days I'm hanging behind with posting here as you might have noticed...

So on friday I went to Duesseldorf with Sascha.
We wanted to go shopping but none of us found anything! XD
But we took some nice purikura:

And also some egoshots:

On saturday my birthday party  took place.
I did a big barbeque party with all my frinds. It was verry nice and I got a lot of cool presents:

  • Playstation network card
  • singstar dance for PS3
  • 2 vouchers from Douglas
  • a voucher from GameStop
  • 2 Books
  • a voucher from OCS
  • and a voucher for a professional fotoshooting
Thank you all my dears!!!! <3 <3 <3 

Also on that day I bought a golds infinity dress from Alina.
I wanted one for very long time and always loved that one when I saw it on her so I was very happy to get it.

This is a pic from her salespost:

I will show you pics on how it look son me soon!

So and now I will go shopping with all my vouchers! haha So there will be a new shopping entry soon!^^