Max pure violet circle lense review

Some time ago I ordered new circle lenses from

I ordered the May pure violet lenses, since I wanted pretty natural looking ones.

The lenses came in the usual two bottles which were packed into a small box. I also got a very cute lens case for free and there was a little goodie and a small letter with it.

Closeup on the lenses:

And this is how they look in the eye:

I'm also wearing them in most of my latest pics like here for example:

My overall rating of the lenses is very positive. They are very thin and therefor very comfortable to wear.
I also like the natural look they gave me, since they don't look so fake like other cicle lens tend to do they can also go with more casual makup styles.
The service I experienced with shoppinghollics was also very good. Their page system is  very easy and they respond on everything fast. Shipping went smoth and fast.