Dolly wink limited set and Candy Doll new items at Ichibankao!

Ichibankao now offers a Limited set of Dolly Wink eyelashes:

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The price for the set is 2250JPY including international basic shipping.
In generall I can always highly recomend Dolly Wink lashes, since they are my favorite ones.
I think the price is not the best offer but okay and I think it is a really good thing for people who don't allready have a huge collection of lashes and want to try some and for those who had eyes on the lashcase anyway...

Ichibankao now also stocked the new base makup line from Candydoll:

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The prices are 2600JPY for the base, 3100JPY for the foundation, 1950JPY for the concealer and 2850JPY for the compact powder.
Well I didn't try it myself so far and there are not many reviews arround jet but since the reviews for the older loose face powders I read were not that good, it seemed to be very dry and so I think these might be dry, too.
Also I don't like the packaging. I agree to the opinion of a lot of other bloggers that it looks very cheep.

Currently I'm thinking about getting some of the Diamond make face products as soon as my actual ones are used up...