Diamond puff compact powder review

Last sunday I received my diamond puff powder.
I got it from Alina who bought if for my directly in Japan.
Until now I haven't seen the compact arround in online shops, only the loose powder is avaliable at shoppingholics or ichibankao.

There are two shades avaliable, one with pink and one with purple labeling. I got the pink one claims to be "transparent" (which it is obviously not) and the violett one says "mat dolly".

The retails price is 1260yen in Japan.

So first of all this is the packageing:

I really like it becaus it looks very valueable. Much better than for example those of candy doll face products which look very cheap in my eyes.

On the lid there is the logo fairy with a little rhinestone:

(quite difficult to capture that >.<)

It also has a mirror inside and a nice soft puff:

Now to the powder itself:

I tried to capture the colour as good as possible here: 

(it looks a bit dark here but it is really light and a slight bit yellowish it also has some little sparkling particles but only very few which I couldn't capture in picture)

This is on my bare skin without any makup:

I think it has a quite high opacity for a powder and also it blends in with my skincolour perfectly. (I'm very light skintype)
The consistence is also verry nice and silky and not that dry, though its a bit more dry than the mineralize powder from mac. (But the mineralize has less opacity)

Overall I'm very much satisfied with this product and it will definetly replace the mac mineralize in my makupcase, mostly for two reasons which are the better opacity when I wear it alone and also because the packaging is much nicer and comes with a mirror.
Also the price is very reasonable since it is only about 11€.
I really didn't expect to get such a great product for that low price.