Shopping with Maren

Yesterday Maren and me went shopping in Duesseldorf.

For that I tried a hairstyle that Satomi is wearing in the new Ageha.

Well it looks much better on Satomi than on me. I think it looks somehow too cosplayish and really doesen't come out good on pictures.

My Outfit was this:

I was wearing the new skirt and a new top from my Fairy Rock Angel collection.

(I will wear a more styled version of these for Nancys birthdayparty today^^)

So I meet Maren at the Station and we took the train to Duesseldorf together.
We first went to OCS and took some puris:

After that we went to a new bubbletea-shop that had just opend.
I never had bubbletea bevor and it was a really funny and interesting experience XD

First I had Strwaberry tea with mango bubbles. The tea was very good but the bubbles were very strange since they are soft and liquid inside.
Later I ordered mango-jogurth-drink with grean tea jelly. Here the consistence of the jellys was much less disgusting than the consistence of the bubbles.

Later we went to some shops and I bought a new liquid foundation from MAC:

It is very similar to the one I had from Clarins but even a bit cheaper^^