Week recap

This week I was quie bussy since I have a new job since monday and I haven been working every day in the past week.
I also had some troubles with debitel and vodafone since I made a new mobilephone-contract and there were some complications.

But now I finaly have my pretty white IPhone!! <3 <3

I was not liking IPhones for a long time since I didn't like the design of the first ones. When the IPhone 4 was released I tought like "Okay, much better" and when they released the white one it was like "Perfekt. Thats mine" XD

I allready ordered a Little Twin Star backcover and some decoden stuff bit it is in coustoms now ;__;

On friday I went to Duesseldorf and bought the new Popteen and a Rilakuma phone strap.

Yesterday I went to Venlo and bought some sandals and some pretty overknee-socks:

And at the end a purikura-pic I took with my IPhone:

I's made with Princess cam App. This App is so cool! You can even add false lashes and cicle lense!
(The colours are so bad since I took the pic during night ;__;)