Dokomi weekend

This weekend I went to Dokomi, which is an anime convention in Duesseldorf.
On saturday nancy and I went to Duesseldorf early and meet Cindy, Gene and Leyla at OCS where I bought the new Ageha:

At that day I wore my jewelery jelly onepiece and wanted to get some good pics of it since I don't have any real good ones till now but I didn't really made it.

I only took some Iphone pics that day:

with Nancy^^

On sunday Maren and Ahn Binh wanted to go, too so we meet at the station and took the train together.
On that day I wore the magical etoile dress, also one of which I don't have much good pics jet:
At the convention we also meet Alina which just came back from Japan the other day.

She gave me my Diamond Puff powder which she bought there for me and also a cute makeup case as present because I lend her my big suitcase for the travel.

I will do a review of it soon!

thank you so much my dear!! <3 <3

Of course we took some pics that day:

with Maren

with Alina

With Charlotte

my favorite pic of that day XD