Diamond lash Dolly Eye review

So today I will review my new Diamond lash dolly eye lashes.
I bought them because I wanted some lashes that are quite natural for everyday use.

I got the lashes from Ichibankao, I ordered there several times and really like the shop. They are a bit more expensive than some Ebay-shops but they do really good service and fast shipping.

Price and packageing:

The packageing is quite simple.
As you an see there are 5 pairs in a pack, which is quite much, considering that most japanese brands only put two in a pack. (Like Dollywink, Mellish, Jewerich, etc.)
On Ichibankao I paid 1700yen for the pack which is about 15€, which is in the price range of most japanese brand-lashes. That makes them really cheap, remembering that you get 5 pairs. (Instead of two with most other brands)

A closeup on the lashes:

The lashes have their longest point in the middle, which is an important feature to look more natural I think!
They have a "spike" design and are more dense in the middle and less to the corners.
The spine is not that stiff as my lower lashes from the blue and violet line but still not as soft as dollywink spines. Also the spine is black, which you should consider since you will always have to wear eyeline with them to hide it.

Wearing pics:

(the lower lashes are DollyWink No. 5)

Overall rating:
The lashes are really pretty but still natural, I really love them! Also the price is great so I will definetely rebuy them!^^