Paris day 2

On our second day in Paris we got up early.
Nancy and me both woke up to early and were the first at breakfast.
Sadly the breakfast in the hotel was very poor so I only filled in 3 cups of coffee. XDD

After breakfast we dressed up. Of course I wore my new toy fantasy:

Then we wanted to do at least a bit of sightseeing so we went to take pictures at the arc de triumphe and eifel tower.

Then we wanted to go to the teaparty by metro and as lucky as I am some thiefes stole my wallet with all my remaining mony for this month on the train!!
After that the day was somewhat trough for me and I was just crying. Since I had to go to the police first we split our group and the girls went to the teaparty while I went to the police together with the boys.
It took us some time to find the police station and they were sooo slow ;__; so I arrived at the teaparty 1,5 hours to late, without any makup left and with really bad mood.
But to see maki and asuka cheered me up a little bit so I put on new makup and at least did some pictures.

Of course like always when it is a one time chance and the first shoot counts I look super, super fugly ;_______;

Same here....

We had to leave earlier since we had to go back to germandy that same day and maki huged us when we said goodbye! Soo cute of her! And when we were outside she ran after us because she wanted to give us some postcards which they forgot to put in our present bags!

Everyone got a small french cafe drawstring bag, a postcard and a special cookie:

There were also a lot of prizes to win in the lottery but of course I didn't win anything.... ;___;

After the teapary we went to the hotel, got out of our dresses and then started to drive home.