Paris day 1

On saturday I meet Nancy at Wickrath station and we drove to the meeting point togehter.
Wee meet the others in Kerpen at a McDonalds where we had breakfast, than we started our journey to Paris. It was about 5 hours to drive.
Here a pic of me in the car at about 7am:

still hlaf asleep....

When we entered the city of Paris the trafic was just like war.  We needed about one hour to find our hotel and Christina did a really good job following  Oliver through all the crazy drivers out there.

When we arrived at the hotel it was... well... what we should have expected for the cheep price we paid.
I shared a room with nancy that didn't even had a closet...

So then we dressed up and went to the Bodywood / AP shop.
They prepared some sweets and drinks in the backyard where we should wait until we could go up:

Nancy and me went upstairs together where maki and asuka were waiting for us.
We were able to take pictures with them but of course I look ultra stupid on the pic:

Then we went down to the bodywood section where I got my reserved Toy Fantasy JSK and headbow and two AP-rings I had choosen upstairs and I also bought a cute swimmer bag.

I got a small totebag and a ring as novelty gift for my purchase:

Me infront of bodywood, I was wearing jewelery jelly OP

After that we went to eat something and then returned to the hotel to change clothes.
In the evening we wanted to get some coctails but OMG they were sooo expensive! One coctail of 40cl was 22€!! So we did only buy some crepé and went back to the hotel.

This was it for saturday, I'll write about sunday soon!