New job and shopping

Today I got the confirmation that I got the job I was trial-working for on Monday and today.
Tomorrow I will make the contract and then I'm working for Eccos-goods-service for H&M. I will have to work at 6.00am nearly every day though >.< But the job is quite easy, I just have to take the clothes out of the boxes, but security-lables on them and put them on hangers.
It is only a 400€-Job but better than nothing for now....

Well today I went to go shopping with my mom.
I bought a dress I allready saw on Saturday but back than I didn't have mony with me and guess what, when I went to the shop today it was reduced from 80€ to 50€! Haha lucky me!

Thants the dress <3

I also bought some nice lightbrown boots:

Now I still need some light creme or lightpink tights or overknees to complete the outfit I'm planing with that.^^