AP Paris shopping

Today my order from AP paris arrived!

I have been worried that it would not, since they entered a wrong postal code but it reached me never the less.^^

I ordered a wonder cookie wallet and mirror and a jewelery jelly bracelet.

I would have loved to geht the wallet in black or pink but it was only avaliable in blue and since I really need a new one since my old one was stolend and since I needed to buy things for a certain value I took the blue one.

And with that I now got the invitation for the AP teaparty!!
I wanted to go there since three jears but never made it until now!

So I will go to Paris on 2. July! I'm sooo excited!! <3

Fairy Rock Angel shoot with Alina

Yesterday I visited Alina in Cologne to do a photoshot for my new collection.

We made a lot of cool pictures:

We had a lot of fun doing the pictures and now I was finaly able to open up my shop, which you can find here:

At least some pictures....

Today i wanted to meet Alina in Cologne since she should model for me in my new gyaru fashion collection which will be released soon.
Sadly she got ill so we couldn't meet. But since I was allready styled I thought I could at least take some pictures...

(messy workspace in the background...  >.<)

As you might have seen in my mobile posting my last eylash-order arrived on wensday.
I orderd Dolly wink No 5 which I'm allready familiar with and No 2 which I wanted to try out.
I thought the No 2 would be more casual than No 1 which I usually wear but I when I saw them in the packaging I allready noticed they were really very long, much longer than the No 1.
I also tried them but I really looked damm stupid with them since they are much to long for me and don#t fit my eyeshape so I didn't even put on the second one so here is just a photo of them in the packaging:

at the inner corner they are allready about 1cm, at the outer corner about 1,5cm...

shopingholics.com Max pure violet circle lense review

Some time ago I ordered new circle lenses from www.shopingholics.com

I ordered the May pure violet lenses, since I wanted pretty natural looking ones.

The lenses came in the usual two bottles which were packed into a small box. I also got a very cute lens case for free and there was a little goodie and a small letter with it.

Closeup on the lenses:

And this is how they look in the eye:

I'm also wearing them in most of my latest pics like here for example:

My overall rating of the lenses is very positive. They are very thin and therefor very comfortable to wear.
I also like the natural look they gave me, since they don't look so fake like other cicle lens tend to do they can also go with more casual makup styles.
The service I experienced with shoppinghollics was also very good. Their page system is  very easy and they respond on everything fast. Shipping went smoth and fast.

I'm now doing mobile posts with tumbler!

I just opend a tumbler account which I will be using for short mobile posts (mostly picture posts).

You can add me on tumbler to follow it or you can follow it RIGHT HERE in the "mobile posts" section which you can acess through klicking it in the top menue bar!^^

New Layout

After blogspot is avaliable again, I finaly made it and finished the new layout!
I hope you will like it!^^

A day with Nancy

On saturday afternoon nancy and me went to Duesseldorf where we wanted to get some food from Maruyasu.
We also did a little shopping and I bought new mags:

The Ageha cover is sooo pretty! *__*

I'll post some shots from them and also from the egg beauty soon!

I also bought two tanktops from Levi's and hair acessory from H&M:

Later we went to my place to play guitar hero and singstar dance and get ready for the evening since we were going to Pulp.

We took some mirror shots of course but only one turned out quite okay...

Picture spam XD

Yesterday I went to Nuco to have some coctails with Nancy and Sascha.
Of course I wore my new golds dress. This time with full styling^^

Hair and makup:

Dolly wink limited set and Candy Doll new items at Ichibankao!

Ichibankao now offers a Limited set of Dolly Wink eyelashes:

(pic links to buying-page)

The price for the set is 2250JPY including international basic shipping.
In generall I can always highly recomend Dolly Wink lashes, since they are my favorite ones.
I think the price is not the best offer but okay and I think it is a really good thing for people who don't allready have a huge collection of lashes and want to try some and for those who had eyes on the lashcase anyway...

Ichibankao now also stocked the new base makup line from Candydoll:

(Pic links to buying-page)

The prices are 2600JPY for the base, 3100JPY for the foundation, 1950JPY for the concealer and 2850JPY for the compact powder.
Well I didn't try it myself so far and there are not many reviews arround jet but since the reviews for the older loose face powders I read were not that good, it seemed to be very dry and so I think these might be dry, too.
Also I don't like the packaging. I agree to the opinion of a lot of other bloggers that it looks very cheep.

Currently I'm thinking about getting some of the Diamond make face products as soon as my actual ones are used up...

Birthday shopping^^

So today I went to Duesseldorf to go shopping since I have gotten a lot of differen vouchers for my birthday.

So here is what I bought today:

The cardigan fits perfectly with my new golds-infinity dress:
(dump hair and make since I didn't plan to take photos >.<)

And I also bought some really nice fabrics:

I plan to combine each with black jersey to make mars-style gyaru dresses or tops^^

Bulk post... again... XD

So these days I'm hanging behind with posting here as you might have noticed...

So on friday I went to Duesseldorf with Sascha.
We wanted to go shopping but none of us found anything! XD
But we took some nice purikura:

And also some egoshots:

On saturday my birthday party  took place.
I did a big barbeque party with all my frinds. It was verry nice and I got a lot of cool presents:

  • Playstation network card
  • singstar dance for PS3
  • 2 vouchers from Douglas
  • a voucher from GameStop
  • 2 Books
  • a voucher from OCS
  • and a voucher for a professional fotoshooting
Thank you all my dears!!!! <3 <3 <3 

Also on that day I bought a golds infinity dress from Alina.
I wanted one for very long time and always loved that one when I saw it on her so I was very happy to get it.

This is a pic from her salespost:

I will show you pics on how it look son me soon!

So and now I will go shopping with all my vouchers! haha So there will be a new shopping entry soon!^^