First try on hime-nails

Today I did my nails for our Paris trip.
I did them with acrylic this time and also tried to do some 3D-nailart with it...

Just some Random stuff....

This morning I went to my grandparents garden since it is very hot and we have a pool there. On the way I checked the mailbox and found a letter and a package.

The letter was my invitation for the AP teaparty:

Jellys givaway

I just found a really great givaway on :

Klick pic to read more about it!

Nancys birthday

On Saturday was Nancys birthday party.
I went there together with Maren and Ahn Binh and we meet our other friends there.
We played singstar dance most of the time which was really funny.

My outfit was quite similar to the day before but this time I wore overknees and high heels and tried another hairstyle.

I think this hairstyle is quite ok but also not my favorite yet...

Alina and me <3

Shopping with Maren

Yesterday Maren and me went shopping in Duesseldorf.

For that I tried a hairstyle that Satomi is wearing in the new Ageha.

Well it looks much better on Satomi than on me. I think it looks somehow too cosplayish and really doesen't come out good on pictures.

My Outfit was this:

I was wearing the new skirt and a new top from my Fairy Rock Angel collection.

(I will wear a more styled version of these for Nancys birthdayparty today^^)

So I meet Maren at the Station and we took the train to Duesseldorf together.
We first went to OCS and took some puris:

After that we went to a new bubbletea-shop that had just opend.
I never had bubbletea bevor and it was a really funny and interesting experience XD

First I had Strwaberry tea with mango bubbles. The tea was very good but the bubbles were very strange since they are soft and liquid inside.
Later I ordered mango-jogurth-drink with grean tea jelly. Here the consistence of the jellys was much less disgusting than the consistence of the bubbles.

Later we went to some shops and I bought a new liquid foundation from MAC:

It is very similar to the one I had from Clarins but even a bit cheaper^^

Diamond puff compact powder review

Last sunday I received my diamond puff powder.
I got it from Alina who bought if for my directly in Japan.
Until now I haven't seen the compact arround in online shops, only the loose powder is avaliable at shoppingholics or ichibankao.

There are two shades avaliable, one with pink and one with purple labeling. I got the pink one claims to be "transparent" (which it is obviously not) and the violett one says "mat dolly".

The retails price is 1260yen in Japan.

So first of all this is the packageing:

I really like it becaus it looks very valueable. Much better than for example those of candy doll face products which look very cheap in my eyes.

On the lid there is the logo fairy with a little rhinestone:

(quite difficult to capture that >.<)

It also has a mirror inside and a nice soft puff:

Now to the powder itself:

I tried to capture the colour as good as possible here: 

(it looks a bit dark here but it is really light and a slight bit yellowish it also has some little sparkling particles but only very few which I couldn't capture in picture)

This is on my bare skin without any makup:

I think it has a quite high opacity for a powder and also it blends in with my skincolour perfectly. (I'm very light skintype)
The consistence is also verry nice and silky and not that dry, though its a bit more dry than the mineralize powder from mac. (But the mineralize has less opacity)

Overall I'm very much satisfied with this product and it will definetly replace the mac mineralize in my makupcase, mostly for two reasons which are the better opacity when I wear it alone and also because the packaging is much nicer and comes with a mirror.
Also the price is very reasonable since it is only about 11€.
I really didn't expect to get such a great product for that low price.

Dokomi weekend

This weekend I went to Dokomi, which is an anime convention in Duesseldorf.
On saturday nancy and I went to Duesseldorf early and meet Cindy, Gene and Leyla at OCS where I bought the new Ageha:

At that day I wore my jewelery jelly onepiece and wanted to get some good pics of it since I don't have any real good ones till now but I didn't really made it.

I only took some Iphone pics that day:

with Nancy^^

On sunday Maren and Ahn Binh wanted to go, too so we meet at the station and took the train together.
On that day I wore the magical etoile dress, also one of which I don't have much good pics jet:
At the convention we also meet Alina which just came back from Japan the other day.

She gave me my Diamond Puff powder which she bought there for me and also a cute makeup case as present because I lend her my big suitcase for the travel.

I will do a review of it soon!

thank you so much my dear!! <3 <3

Of course we took some pics that day:

with Maren

with Alina

With Charlotte

my favorite pic of that day XD

Deco Phone

Last week my Strapya order arrived as you might have seen in my mobile posts.
(Or well, in fact I had to pick it up from the coustoms....)

I ordered this little twin star cover:

and also a decoden set from which I made this deco-cover:

Today I was at Dokomi (a Convention in Duesseldorf) but I will post about that later.

Week recap

This week I was quie bussy since I have a new job since monday and I haven been working every day in the past week.
I also had some troubles with debitel and vodafone since I made a new mobilephone-contract and there were some complications.

But now I finaly have my pretty white IPhone!! <3 <3

I was not liking IPhones for a long time since I didn't like the design of the first ones. When the IPhone 4 was released I tought like "Okay, much better" and when they released the white one it was like "Perfekt. Thats mine" XD

I allready ordered a Little Twin Star backcover and some decoden stuff bit it is in coustoms now ;__;

On friday I went to Duesseldorf and bought the new Popteen and a Rilakuma phone strap.

Yesterday I went to Venlo and bought some sandals and some pretty overknee-socks:

And at the end a purikura-pic I took with my IPhone:

I's made with Princess cam App. This App is so cool! You can even add false lashes and cicle lense!
(The colours are so bad since I took the pic during night ;__;)

sorry for my absence


I'm so sorry I didn't post this week!
I've got a new job and therefor I was quite bussy. But I plan to write a new entry tomorrow!