Diamond lash Dolly Eye review

So today I will review my new Diamond lash dolly eye lashes.
I bought them because I wanted some lashes that are quite natural for everyday use.

I got the lashes from Ichibankao, I ordered there several times and really like the shop. They are a bit more expensive than some Ebay-shops but they do really good service and fast shipping.

Price and packageing:

The packageing is quite simple.
As you an see there are 5 pairs in a pack, which is quite much, considering that most japanese brands only put two in a pack. (Like Dollywink, Mellish, Jewerich, etc.)
On Ichibankao I paid 1700yen for the pack which is about 15€, which is in the price range of most japanese brand-lashes. That makes them really cheap, remembering that you get 5 pairs. (Instead of two with most other brands)

A closeup on the lashes:

The lashes have their longest point in the middle, which is an important feature to look more natural I think!
They have a "spike" design and are more dense in the middle and less to the corners.
The spine is not that stiff as my lower lashes from the blue and violet line but still not as soft as dollywink spines. Also the spine is black, which you should consider since you will always have to wear eyeline with them to hide it.

Wearing pics:

(the lower lashes are DollyWink No. 5)

Overall rating:
The lashes are really pretty but still natural, I really love them! Also the price is great so I will definetely rebuy them!^^

Mini meet

Yesterday I wanted to meet all my girls in Duesseldorf, sadly some of them couldn't come for different reasons and so it was only Maren, Charlotte and me, but I was very happy to see Charlotte again since I hadn't seen her for a long time. Sadly we forgot to take picture together... ;__;

First we went to OCS and Maren and me did Purikura of course:

I also bought the new Popteen:

I love the cover! <3 I think it is one of  the prettyest they ever had! *__*

Last this was my Outfit:

New job and shopping

Today I got the confirmation that I got the job I was trial-working for on Monday and today.
Tomorrow I will make the contract and then I'm working for Eccos-goods-service for H&M. I will have to work at 6.00am nearly every day though >.< But the job is quite easy, I just have to take the clothes out of the boxes, but security-lables on them and put them on hangers.
It is only a 400€-Job but better than nothing for now....

Well today I went to go shopping with my mom.
I bought a dress I allready saw on Saturday but back than I didn't have mony with me and guess what, when I went to the shop today it was reduced from 80€ to 50€! Haha lucky me!

Thants the dress <3

I also bought some nice lightbrown boots:

Now I still need some light creme or lightpink tights or overknees to complete the outfit I'm planing with that.^^

Just a short update...

Last saturday I meet Cindy, Oliver, Nancy and her Boyfriend in Dursseldorf. We ate at Don and then went to OCS for Purikura. (I haven't scanned them yet...)

I bought these cute little purses at OCS. The rilakuma-one matches my swimmer bag from Paris perfectly!^^

Got this today

I got this card from AP today!

It is soooo cute and has our grouppicture in it, signed by Maki and Asuka! <3

The Card has the design of chess cocolate in it which I realy start to like slowly.... Maybe I will buy it if  I either get a new job or sell my Jewelery Jelly....

Paris day 2

On our second day in Paris we got up early.
Nancy and me both woke up to early and were the first at breakfast.
Sadly the breakfast in the hotel was very poor so I only filled in 3 cups of coffee. XDD

After breakfast we dressed up. Of course I wore my new toy fantasy:

Then we wanted to do at least a bit of sightseeing so we went to take pictures at the arc de triumphe and eifel tower.

Then we wanted to go to the teaparty by metro and as lucky as I am some thiefes stole my wallet with all my remaining mony for this month on the train!!
After that the day was somewhat trough for me and I was just crying. Since I had to go to the police first we split our group and the girls went to the teaparty while I went to the police together with the boys.
It took us some time to find the police station and they were sooo slow ;__; so I arrived at the teaparty 1,5 hours to late, without any makup left and with really bad mood.
But to see maki and asuka cheered me up a little bit so I put on new makup and at least did some pictures.

Of course like always when it is a one time chance and the first shoot counts I look super, super fugly ;_______;

Same here....

We had to leave earlier since we had to go back to germandy that same day and maki huged us when we said goodbye! Soo cute of her! And when we were outside she ran after us because she wanted to give us some postcards which they forgot to put in our present bags!

Everyone got a small french cafe drawstring bag, a postcard and a special cookie:

There were also a lot of prizes to win in the lottery but of course I didn't win anything.... ;___;

After the teapary we went to the hotel, got out of our dresses and then started to drive home.

Paris day 1

On saturday I meet Nancy at Wickrath station and we drove to the meeting point togehter.
Wee meet the others in Kerpen at a McDonalds where we had breakfast, than we started our journey to Paris. It was about 5 hours to drive.
Here a pic of me in the car at about 7am:

still hlaf asleep....

When we entered the city of Paris the trafic was just like war.  We needed about one hour to find our hotel and Christina did a really good job following  Oliver through all the crazy drivers out there.

When we arrived at the hotel it was... well... what we should have expected for the cheep price we paid.
I shared a room with nancy that didn't even had a closet...

So then we dressed up and went to the Bodywood / AP shop.
They prepared some sweets and drinks in the backyard where we should wait until we could go up:

Nancy and me went upstairs together where maki and asuka were waiting for us.
We were able to take pictures with them but of course I look ultra stupid on the pic:

Then we went down to the bodywood section where I got my reserved Toy Fantasy JSK and headbow and two AP-rings I had choosen upstairs and I also bought a cute swimmer bag.

I got a small totebag and a ring as novelty gift for my purchase:

Me infront of bodywood, I was wearing jewelery jelly OP

After that we went to eat something and then returned to the hotel to change clothes.
In the evening we wanted to get some coctails but OMG they were sooo expensive! One coctail of 40cl was 22€!! So we did only buy some crepé and went back to the hotel.

This was it for saturday, I'll write about sunday soon!