Just again university....

Hey, here is my University-outfit from today.
I thought about that it would perhaps make sense to post rundowns with the outfits so here we go:

Hoodie: Tralala
Shirt: Freesoul
Skirt: selfmade
Boots: Replay
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Tights and Berret: offbrand
Pin at Berret: Baby the stars shine bright

I think the pin from my baby-hoodie goes verry well with the berret. At university 4 people told me how nice that berret is and where I got it from although it is only a non brand one but pimped with that pin. XD

Another topic:
Sadly i still have verry few readers! T__T

The number of views on the counter looks quite ok, but I only have verry few comments and registered readers.
So for the people who follow this anonymously:
You can comment without beeing registered on blogspot!
And you can register as reader without being on blogspot by signing in with accounts from other platforms like livejournal (openID), google, AIM or yahoo.

I think I will start a giveaway event later or in the next days, perhaps that can increase activity here...