University Outfit and new Liz Lisa Stuff ^^

Today I went to university for just one Lecture of 90minutes. Therefor I got up at 5.30am this morning.
And then, when I arrived at university we were told that the lecture was cancled!
And I was like "Wuahhh what the F**** #$§%&????????" 'Couse when I arrived back at home I had a 3 hours yourney behind me for nothing.

But nether the less here is todays outft:

But when I was home again, the doorbell rang and my day was saved because it was a post-men who brought my new clothes from Liz Lisa doll and Tralala! <3 <3


The black Tee is a bit short on me, sadly, (even since I'm only 1,56m lolz) but I will try wearing a longer one under it....