MAC brush-set review

Maybe you rember that I had bought a brush-set from MAC shortly, like I mentioned in this post.

I tought it might be interesting for you to hear what I tink about it now that I had it in use for a while...

So first some basic facts about the set:
Name: MAC graphic garden 5 brush set "blend and define"
Content: Make-up pouch, brush pouch, 5 brushes.
Price: 56€

And here is my review to the single brushes:

Type 129SE (blush)

This is a really nice brush for blush or some bronzing powder / hilighter.
It is amazingly soft and has an oval rounded shape. It is just a little small for my personal taste, I like the huge ones more but it's good for taking arround.

Type 190SE (foundation)

This one is for fluid or compact foundation, the store assistent told me that it could also go with powder but I cannot right belive that and I didn't try.
I really like this one. It's perfect for my compact foundation because with the brush you can apply much thiner and much more presize than with a sponge.
It has a flat, pointed head, it is smooth but tight.

Type 252SE (eyshadow / concealer)

MAC says this one is for eyeshadow but in fact I think it is to big and to hard for that, but perhaps it is just my taste. XD
But found another field that I think, it is much more usefull in: Concealer.
Here it is really usefull I think.
It has a flat, rounded tip and is more likely to name hard than smooth and it's tight. 

Type 219SE (eyeshadow)

This one is for applying eyshadow.
I love that one and I really wish I would have more than one of it to use it for all my colours.
It has a short, round, pointed tip and is really smoth what makes it perfect for aplying eyshadow verry presizely. It's really good for all this banana- and shaping-styles.

Type 209SE (eyeliner)

This is an eye-liner brush.
In fact I didn't use it till now. XD
I always use fluid eyliner till now, which I applied with the brush in the cap.
Perhaps I will buy some gel eyliner someday and try it with that one, but I thing it might be to big though...

I hope it was a bit interesting for you!
If you have any suggestion of an other use for the last one please let me know!^^