Semester Project

Hey guys,

at the moment I really do much work for university.... In fact all this work is just for our semester project, which is a design-project.  (this is actualy the reason why I invest time for it, I love designing! ^^ )
For the technic- and economy-lessons I don't even have one look into the books after lessons are over XDD
Project is the only good topic besides weaving, spinning, bussiness organisation and all this.

Today we worked on it from 9.00am until 6.00pm without a single break x__x
So therefore I didn't wore something exciting in the last days of what I could show pics to you, but instead I will show you a beautifull colour-board we did today ^^ :

In the project we should design a collection of home textiles, which will be (if it's good enough) be produced by a quite famous brand for home textiles. The topic of my group is beach-chair / rattan-work. We plan to realise it with fabrics with strong structures which look like rattan material or like a sandy surface.

What do you think of our colour composition??