More packages to arrive XD

Today when I got home from university I found two packages that had arrived.^^

The first one contained my Wonder cookie Socks and Headbow:

The white lace is detachable, which I think is quite good because for my tast it has a bit too much of maid style with the lace...

Is it only me or are AP socks really getting longer and longer with every series they introduce? XD

The second package contained the decoden stuff Rui and I oredered from Fullmoon.
Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the huge stack of rhinstones and plasticparts when I unpacked it and now they are allready in boxs but I can show you a pic of my DS case which I could finish now:

It is the first item I decorated, therefor I think it turned out quite well.
(Somehow I think the back looks better than the front *lol*)