Rainy Meetup + X

Today I went to Bonn for the Dunkelsuess-picknick.
It should be a verry big event with about 60 people and I was really excited and looking forward to it.
So I dressed up with my new Wonder Cookie. (and of course forgot to take a mirror-shot bevore leaving the house...)

Well we were sitting in the sun for about 10 minutes. XDDD
Then it was raining rest of the day so we only movend arround and were all wet and so I didn't have single foto from today! T_______________T

While I was in Bonn the package with the sweet-jewelery materials arrived.

I ordered a starting kit for sweet jewelery and some wipped cream:

Of course I directly tried it, so this are my first results with it:

(it's glittering but you can't see it in the pic...)