Hot Koevit weekend...

Well to start on friday, I went to Oberhausen togehter with Chrissi for a photoshoot which was supposed to bring up some pics to promote an exibition where Lolita will be a part-theme of and which I help to organisze.
The photos were taken by Oli which is very talented. I think the photos will turn out very well and I will of course show them here when I get them.^^

On Saturday I went to Koevit. It was announced to be the last of these Event-series but it was poorly empty, so I was just sitting arround and chatting with the Dunkelsues-sales-booth team.
All in all the day was stressfull for me because I had issues with trains to go there and also on the way home.
I really hate Deutsche Bahn...
Oh and it was really hot... something above 30°C I think... So I didn't wear socks.
And now I'm angy about I didn't because the photos would have been better with them... T__T

Jasmin and me

Peeeace!! ^^