Meetup fail and new dress

On saturday morning my wonder cookie JSK arrived! <3
It is verry pretty and I think on hot days I can also wear it without a blouse...

Then I went to the meetup at the Drachenburg castle in Koenigswinter together with Rui, Bin and Marren.
We went by car with Marren so the way there was smooth trip.

As we were there for some stupid circumstances I didn't came to visit the castle realy and I also didn't take much pictures because it was just to warm and my outfit was just improvisation.

This is the best pic of the day:

with Hello Kitty - Icecream XDD

The way back was a real horror trip.
The train we were first in was late and then stopped in Grevenbroich (a little town in the middle of nowhere) instead of going to the end-station Moenchengladbach where we would had to go on antoher train. They promised us to get a connection from there within 5 minutes. Well in fact it was more likely 40minutes and in this stupid little town there were only 3 different trains going and they all had at least 30min delay.
So we took the next one that came (after 30min) and went to Neuss from we first had to take the subway to Duessldorf and then to Krefeld! X_______X
All in all the way home took us 4 (!!) hours! Deutsche Bahn sucks! REALLY!