Dokomi and Japanday.... A lot of stress...

So the last two weekends were verry stessfull...

The weekend bevor last weekend I went to Dokomi convention with the Dunkelsuess - sales-booth.
Jasmin, Yori and I allready went to the conventions place on Friday to set up the Tables and everything so that we didn't have to come so early on Saturday. So on Friday I was at home at about 10.00pm and still had to wash my hair and do some further preperation so that I didn't sleep bevor 2.00am in the night and on Saturday I had to go up at 6.00 to dress up since we had to be at the convention at 9.00.
Also on Saturday Jasmin and I had to go home by train so we came home late. To make it short: there was not much sleep that weekend.

On Saturday I wore my standard Fairy Rock Angel pirate Outfit:

(Pic is made and edited by Claudia)
Since Saturday was the main day of the convention and there were a lot of visitors we had to stay at our tables most of the time and couldn't take much fotos.

On Sunday I wore my new Jewelery Jelly OP for the first time! <3

(again a pic by Claudia)

All togehter it was stressfull but we had a lot of fun! (and I earned a bunch of money! haha XD )

Last weekend was the long awaited Japan-day in Duesseldorf.

I went there together with Rui and we meet all our other friends there bit by bit.
It was just as every jear, walking arround, talking with friends, beeing photographed a 1000times and earning a sun-burn XDDD

I wore the same outfit as on Dokomi just with other hair and nails:
(inspired by Maki^^)

Sadly I don't have verry nice pics of me that day because I had problems with my eyes (an allergic reaction I suppose...) It looked like I was crying the whole day >.<  So I look verry stupid on every picture T_____T

In the evening Rui and I went back to my place and changed to some more relaxed styling and then went back to have coktails with the others.
Rui, Bin, Binh, Caudia, Alina and I were at Mandalai until 3.00am XD

On Sunday I had to get up early again since I went to the Dunkelsuess x Jelly Beans Teaparty.
I wore the Jewelery Jelly again but didn't spend much time on my hair since it was heavyly rainig that day.
Juki and Sakura were sooo cute!!! <3
I didn't get the pictures of that day jet so I will report about that in detail when I get them.