I have been tagged for this from Keks a while ago but didn't have time to do it until now...
This meme is originaly german so I also had to translate it x__x

The Rules: Tag two people and add one question

1. Lipgloss or Lipstick?
I use both but I prefer sticks because the just feel better in my opinion.

2. Powder- or cream- eyshadow?
Powder. Definetely.

3. Metall or lame eyeshadow?
Depends on the look. It hast to fit to the rest of the makeup and to the overall look and outfit.

4. Normal or waterproof mascara?
I don't like waterproof ones! They are so hard to remove... >.<

5. Foundation?
Yes. Of course. (from Clairins)

6. Puder?

7. Rouge or bronzer?
I apply rouge most often. Brnzer I only use for conouring sometimes....

8. Nude or popping eyemake?
Depends on the look and occaision.

9. Tanning?
I don't like tanning so much but completely white is also not that pretty so I try to at leas lay my legs into the sun sometimes. XD

10. Nailpolish?
I prefer gel-nails.

11. Favorite brand? 
MAC, Chanel, Shiseido

12. Favorite eyemake kombination?
My lavender metal glitter pigments from MAC combined with black in a smoky eyes style.

13. Favorite eyeliner?
MAC Gel-liner.

14. Brush, applikator or finger?

15. Total makeup-fail? 
Colourful mascara.

16. Do you wear maekup for school/university/work? If so - would you also go without?
Yes I do. I would never go without. I at least need a base and some mascara.

17. Nailart or pure colour?
Nailart!! <3

18. Make-Up-remover, cleansing-sheets or cleansing-lotion?
I prefer cleansing-lotion.

19. Favorite nailpolish colour / colour combination?
Pink, black and a combination of those two.

20. Most hated product and why?
Mousse-make-up. It just looks ugly on every skin I've seen it on so far...

21. Nude lipstick or more colourfull?
I prefer to stay in the nudy range.

22. Specific contouring or just a flash of rouge?
For special occasions I do contouring but not for every day styles.

23. Will "taupe" stay after it is getting old?
I really hope that it will dissapear soon.....

24. Haircare with or without silicones?
I don't believe in that kind of stuff.

25. Do you use eyeshadow base? Which one?
Yes I use the one from Artdeco.

26. Favorite Perfume?
Coco Madmoiselle and Chance

27. How often do you buy new cosmetic products (in one month) ??
Depends. About 1-4 times?

28. How do you think, would the perfect every day maekup look like?
It makes you look pretty and underlines your personality and style while it looks to other people if it would have taken not more than 5 minutes.

29. Bath or cosmetic-table?
I don't have a cosmetic table but I once tried to put on makeup while sitting but it didn't work so good somehow...

30. Where do you buy cosmetics? (Drugstore, department store, internet, cosmetic studio...)
Mostly in direct brand shos such as MAC-stores or in department stores and sometimes some japanese cosmetics from internet.

31. Do you like it when new products from other countries are hyped on blogs etc?
Yes, I'm always curious on that.

33. do you use a lash-curler?

Now up to my new question:

34.  Do you use fake lashes? And which ones?
I use them verry often. I have some from MAC and Dolly Wink.

So up to the tagging.
I tag Nancy and Rui !